Colon Hydrotherapy

Remove old fecal matter from your body for upgraded levels of health and vitality.

Aqua Yoga

A rejuvenating yoga journey in water for added buoyancy.

Organic, Living Nutrition

Regenerative farming practices, biodegradable packaging, glyphosate-free, LIVING nutrition to give your body the BEST, most synergistically combined materials to rebuild from every day. to support your system’s most optimal flow state.

Our Health is Our TRUE Wealth.

Gut Luv

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon irrigation sessions to hydrate, stimulate, and remove mucus, old fecal matter, parasites, candida

Aqua Yoga

Private classes held at your own private pool for the ultimate support in releasing heaviness from your field

Therapeutic Weightlessness

What Clients Are Saying

Through Maha’s intuitive guidance, skilled coaching and encouragement, I experienced physical cleansing, emotional clearing, trauma release, clearer mind, more lightness and ease in myself, with the happy bonus of a much flatter belly!
- Gina R.