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All about Maha

Mahaliyah has been studying and experimenting in the preventative wellness fields since 2007. She is currently studying Functional Medicine/Nutrition, and has recently pursued certified colon hydrotherapy. With a heavy influence of living foods + longevity, Mahaliyah desires to share the physical experience of a lifetime by assisting others to reach new heights of physical energy. By giving our body the best materials to rebuild from each day, and removing that which no longer serves us (old waste in the colon!), we can experience new life embodied! Add in an aqua yoga practice, and literally feel the weight on your shoulders lightening. Moving from a transformed paradigm is not only possible but within reach! Allow me to empower you in deepening the relationship you have with your body on a cellular level. These are the vehicles from which we experience life. There’s no other relationship like it!



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